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10T container flake ice making machine

10T container flake ice making machine

Product Abstract:

Easy to move for Wellcold flake ice machine installed in container. Easy to install, just need to connect the power and water supply.

Product Description

Features of Wellcold 10T, 20T, 40T container flake ice machine?

1. It is more upscale and beautiful with perfect technical details.

2. Simple maintenance, more convenient operation with intelligent PLC control system.

3. Easy to move for Wellcold flake ice machine installed in container.

4. Easy to install, just need to connect the power and water supply.

5. High efficiency and energy saving.

6. Wellcold container flake ice machine are stable to use longer with better accessories.

7. Wellcold container flake ice machine can guarantee the ice output well with bigger evaporating area and refrigerating capacity.

8. Wellcold flake ice machine is also called flake ice making machine, ice making machine, ice maker, chip ice machine, chip ice making machine, scale ice machine, scale ice making machine.


Technicial data of Wellcold 10T, 20T, 40T container flake ice machine:





Ice daily productive capacity

10000 kg/day

20000 kg/day

40000 kg/day

Ice storage room

Optional according to customers’ requirement


R404A / R507 

Standard power supply

3P 380V/50Hz (3P, 220V/440V/460V, 50HZ/60HZ is avalible)

Compressor brand

Hanbell screw compressor

(Bitzer/GEA Bock/Refcomp/Frascold are avalible)

Cooling way

Air cooling

Water cooling

Evaporative cooling is available

Water cooling tower



Refrigeration capacity

88.5 KW

176.3 KW

324.6 KW

Evaporating temp.


Condensting temp.


Standard working ambient temp.


Standard water supply temp.


water supply pressure


Ice making speed

3-5 minuts after starting machine

Installed power

45.75 KW

84.12 KW

159.0 KW

Installed in container- ice machine

20GP container

40HQ container

Installed in container- ice storage room

20GP container

40GP or 40HQ container


1. Some non-standard requirements can be designed, just as: Voltage, compressor brand, cooling type, ice storage room capacity, and so on.

2. Above metioned parameters will be changed subject to technical invotation without future notice.


Shipping list of Wellcold container flake ice machine:

one flake ice machine in container, one ice storage room in container (optional) , one water tower & water cooling pump (for water cooling type), one 3-meter long power cord ,one salt water barrel, two 1.5-meter long water pipes, one ice scoop, one User manul & certificate;


Commercial items of Wellcold flake ice machine:

1. Price term: FOB / CFR /CIF are all accepeted.

2. Stanard payment terms: By T/T, 30% as deposit after order confirmed, balance 70% will be paid before delivery. 

3. Warranty period: 12 Months after B/L date. Any failure occurred within the period due to our responsibility, we’ll supply you the spare parts for free, and permanent technical support & consultation all life long for the machines.

4. After-sales Service Provided: Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Video technical support, Online support, Engineers available to service overseas.

5. Package: Standard exporting wooden case.

6. Delivery time: Within 40-50 working days after deposit.


Installation requirements of Wellcold flake ice machine:

1. Installation site: Installation place should be with good ventilation, away from dissipation devices and protected from direct splar radiation & rain , standard working environment temperature: +5?~35?; The ground should be level with good drainage system;

2. Power supply: Standard voltage for ice machine: 3P/380V/50 HZ, and switch box should be arranged within 3 meters away from the installation position of the ice machine.

3. Water supply: Clean water, tap water is ok, within 1.5 meters from the ice machine; water supply pressure: 0.1?0.6MPa and tempreture:+5 to +20?;

4. Salt water supply: Salt water pump is equipped on the water tank of the ice machine. Please prepare the salt water according to the rate: a pail of tape water (using the barrel coming with the ice machine, 25kg capacity) with 400g edible salt and then put the filter of the salt water pump into the barrel. It will absore the salt water automatically.


Why to choose Wellcold container flake ice machine:

1. Professional manufacturer: better price, faster delivery.

2. CE certificate, strict quality testing.

3. Long-term warranty: 12 months.

4. Satisfied after-sale service with professional team.

5. Have ability to offer professional design according to your request with professional technicial team.

6. Use world-famous brand accessories for main parts to ensure ice machine stable quality.

7. Compact structure, humanized design, automatic control system, fault alarm and all protecting device make the machine work longer, safer, simpler as well as more energy-saving, smaller place occupation.

8. OEM and ODM can be accepted.


Wellcold Flake ice machine Application:

1. Fishing--Sea water flake ice machine can make ice directly from the sea water, ice can be used in fast cooling of fish and other sea products. Fishing industry is the largest application field of flake ice machine.

2. Sea food process--Flake ice can lower the temperature of cleaning water and sea products, therefore it resists the growth of bacteria and keeps the sea food fresh.

3. Bakery--During the mixing of flour and milk, can prevent the flour from self raising by adding flake ice.

4. Poultry--Huge amount of heat will be generated in food processing, flake ice can effectively cool the meat and water air, also supply moisture for the products at the meantime.

5. Vegetables distribution and fresh-keeping--Now days, in order to guarantee the safety of food, such as vegetables, fruit and meat, more and more physical methods of storing and transporting are being adopted. Flake ice has a fast cooling effect so as to ensure the applied object will not be damaged by bacteria.

6. Medicine--In most cases of biosynthesis and chemosynthesis, flake ice is used to control the reaction rate and maintain the liveness. Flake ice is sanitary, clean with rapid temperature reduction effect. It is the most ideal temperature-reducing carrier.

7. Concrete Cooling--Flake ice is used as the direct source of water in concrete cooling process, more than 80% in weight. It is a perfect media of temperature controlling, can achieve effective and controllable mixing effect. Concrete will not crack if is been mixed and poured in constant and low temperature. Flake ice is widely used in the large projects such as high standard express way, bridge, hydro-plant and nuclear power plant.


Wellcold Flake ice advantages:

1. Large contact area: As its flat and thin shape, it has got the largest contact area among all types of ice. The larger its contact area is, the faster it cools other stuff. In comparison with 1 ton of cube ice, 1 ton of flake ice has 1799 sqm of contact area while 1 ton of cube ice only has 1383 sqm, therefore the flake ice has got much better cooling effects than cube ice.

2. Low cost of producing: The producing of flake ice is very economical, it only requires 1.3RT refrigerating effect to make 1 ton of ice from 16C water.

3. Perfect in food cooling: Flake ice is type of dry and crispy ice, it hardly forms any shape edges, in food cooling process,this nature has made it the best material for cooling, it can reduce the possibility of damage to food to the lowest rate.

4. Thoroughly mixing: Flake ice can become water quickly through the rapid heat exchanging with products, and also supply the moisture for products to be cooled.

5. Convenient for delivery: Because of the flake ice fairly dry, it will not stick together with others during delivery or storage.

6. Flake ice low temperature: -5?~-8?; Flake ice thickness: 1.8-2.3 mm, can be used directly for food fresh without ice crusher any more, saving cost, labor and time.

7. Fast ice making speed: Wellcold flake ice machine can produce ice within 3 minutes after starting it, do not need extra person to take off and get the ice.

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