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45kg small cube ice maker

45kg small cube ice maker

Product Abstract:

Cube ice machine is also known as cube ice maker, square ice machine and square ice maker, the ice is clear, clean sanitary and beautiful. It is widely used in hotel, bars, banquet halls, western restaurants, fast food restaurants, convenient stores, cold drink shops, ice plants and other places that need the ice.

Product Description

Wellcold Small Cube Ice Machine basic details:

Cube ice machine is also known as cube ice maker, square ice machine and square ice maker, the ice is clear, clean sanitary and beautiful. Cube ice has the best melting resistance, suitable for beverage cooling, food processing, fisheries, vegetables & fruits storage and preservation, etc. It is widely used in hotel, bars, banquet halls, western restaurants, fast food restaurants, convenient stores, cold drink shops, ice plants and other places that need the ice. Cube ice machines belong to category of commercial ice machines. Ice makers in this category also include snow ice machines, bullet ice machines , tube ice machines and crescent ice machines.

Wellcold small cube ice machine has firstly adopted the three leading technologies: adjustable ice thickness, automatic water supplying, automatic ice freezing and ice falling. It is an edible ice cube machine and has completely solved the problems of uneven ice thickness and ice falling difficulties. With the combined use of flat-plate heat exchanging technology and hot gas circulating defrosting technology, it has greatly improved the cube ice machines’ producing capacity, energy consumption and stable performance. 

Features of Wellcold Small Cube Ice Machine:

1. Thermal fluoro ice doffing is adopted, the whole deicing process only takes 150-180 seconds, high efficiency.

2. Main refrigerating components are international famous brand to gurangee the best refrigeration effect and quality.

3. All machines are well-tested before delivery to customer to gurantee longer service time.

4. All areas in touch with water and ice are food grade material.

5. Various capacity from 25kg/day to 900kg/day.

6. Safe and Sanitary: reasonable design for the frame and structure and water system with SUS 304 ensure the cube ice sanitary for human consumption directly.

7. Automatic Operation: equipped with Touch Screen Controlling System, which allows multiple functions such as automatic timer function for start and shut down; ice stopping production when the ice bins are full. All parameters can be easily set. 

8. Wellcold small cube ice sizes: 22mm x 22mm x 22mm.

9. Ice freezing time per circle:15-20 minutes.

Precautions of using Wellcold Small Cube Ice Machine:

1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before using and performing correct operation.

2. The ice maker should be installed horizontally, do not make it tilted.

A filter should be added in front of the water supply to the ice maker. Please keep the water source clean and replace the filter regularly. Water supply pressure should be 0.14--0.55Mpa.

3. Keep ventilation around the ice maker to help dissipate heat.

4. Clean the condenser dust regularly to ensuer good cooling effect & necesarry refrigerating capacity; clean the water tank, ice tray, and shunt pipe regularly to avoid clogging.

5. Use the specified power supply correctly to prevent electric shock. Cut off the power if it will not be used for a long time or encountering thunder and lightning.

6. The products described in the product manual are for indoor use, please use it in a place without rain and sunshine directly.

7. It is strictly forbidden to modify the product privately, please send our products to professional technicians for repair and maintenance.

8. Installation space requirements: reserve 15cm on both sides of the ice maker, 25cm on the back, and no cover on the front. Keep it ventilated


Wellcold Small Cube Ice Machine Technical Parameter:


Daily output

Ice bin storage capacity

Cooling type


Total power

Ice machine size (mm)


25 kg/day

18 kg

Air cooling


280 W



36 kg/day

18 kg

Air cooling


400 W



45 kg/day

20 kg

Air cooling


400 W



55 kg/day


Air cooling


420 W



1. Standard working condition: +20? ambient temperature, 15? inlet water temperature, and 40? condensing temperature.

2. Above metioned parameters will be changed subject to technical invotation without future notice. Specific parameters please refer to the quotation.


Commercial items of Wellcold Small Cube Ice Machine:

1. Price term: FOB / CFR /CIF are all accepeted.

2. Stanard payment terms: By T/T, 30% as deposit after order confirmed, balance 70% will be paid before delivery. 

3. Warranty period: 12 Months after B/L date. Any failure occurred within the period due to our responsibility, we’ll supply you the spare parts for free, and permanent technical support & consultation all life long for the machines.

4. After-sales Service Provided: Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Video technical support, Online support, Engineers available to service overseas.

5. Package: Standard exporting wooden case .

6. Delivery time: Within 10 working days after deposit.


Why to choose Wellcold Small Cube Ice Machines:

1. Professional manufacturer: better price, faster delivery.

2. CE certificate, strict quality testing.

3. Long-term warranty: 12 months.

4. Satisfied after-sale service with professional team.

5. Have ability to offer professional design according to your request with professional technical team.

6. Use world-famous brand accessories for main parts to ensure ice machine stable quality.

7. Compact structure, humanized design, automatic control system, fault alarm and all protecting device make the machine work longer, safer, simpler as well as more energy-saving, smaller place occupation.

8. OEM and ODM can be accepted.

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